Video Games Are My Passion!
Producer - Game Designer - IT

Arthur J. Mortega

Here I am meeting my hero Shigeru Miyamoto in the flesh! At GDC 07, this was at the awards night.  
Miyamoto received his Lifetime Achievement award. Alexey Pajitnov the creator of Tetris can be seen in the background smiling. He too received a lifetime achievement award.  I met him too!

I have sucessfully completed my degree in Computer Games Development in November of 2008. I am the first in my family to have graduated from college. A priceless achievement for me and my family. If time permits and my financial standings are right; I plan on seeking a masters degree in Information Systems: Software Project Management or an MBA in the near future.

However, much of my life is spent creating, learning, traveling, and meeting new people. You may notice the picture of myself and Shigeru Miyamoto, one of my game developer heroes. It was at GDC 07 where I had the chance to meet him and Alex (seen in the background the creator of Tetris) both receiving their life time achievement awards. It was quite an amazing experience and yet another priceless moment (yet expensive trip).

I started playing video games when I was 8 months old, sitting on my father's lap while he played Pac-Man on his Atari 5200. It was from then on that my love for video games grew and so did my collection. I designed my first game at around  the age of 10. It was after I went on a trip to California and visited Universal Studios theme park. I was so amazed from the trip, I decied to try and recreate the epxerience through a game. Creating sketch art and designing the levels and weapons. On paper I had one awesome game. I never did try developing the game as I really did not know how. However, one day while at Blockbuster I saw my game... Universal Studios the Game. I couldn't believe it, the images, the art, the concept looked exactly like my work in my notebook. From that moment on I decided I wanted to make video games and to this day I continue on that mission.

"I am committed to help your company soar to new heights. I can provide the knowledge and experience that is necessary to take your company to the next level."

In my spare time, I enjoy my adventures in Lord of the Rings Online, the fast paced mayhem of Battlefield Bad Company 2, and bowling with my friends in Wii Sports. I also love the outdoors - hiking, biking, and exploring the world.

Me, Mario, and my friend Cory a Sr. Network Engineer at Nintendo of America Headquarters.

Me with Master Chief at Microsoft Game Studio.
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