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Current Projects

I am always working on several new projects at any given time. I work best under pressure. Below you will find a list of some of my most recent projects.


My last couple of projects at Namco Bandai Games America were on the Nintendo 3DS - DualPenSports and Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D

My other recent and awesome project was for the Global Game Jam 2011! Check out Pandora's Juice Box and our facebook Page.

Open to opportunities: - Currently Seeking Career Opportunities

I am always open to new opportunities. If you have something interesting to share, let me know and we'll chat.

I finished my internship with Metamoorephosis Games now called TapMe! Games. It was fun working with them and doing marketing on their new evolved puzzle matching game, bitFLIP. Make sure to check it out on the iTunes App Store!

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